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New autumn/winter 2017 designs now available.
Wood wall art is made from solid wood blocks – trapezes, cut in different depths and sanded, all by hand. New design is fully hand painted in acrylic monochromatic colours and cover with oil finished. Wooden art can be also used as acoustic sound diffuser for recording studios – eliminates comb filtering and flutter echo
Ideal for Recording Studios, Home Theaters, Listening Rooms, Mastering Rooms, Vocal Booths

NEW DESIGN – 2017 collection

All monochromatic versions are painted with 20 shades of base colour.

"The Green Olives"

size on the picture 21" x 21" (53cm x 53cm)

Colours – shades of green.

Frame-less. Wood pieces are attached to plywood which is also painted on the side to blend in with the wood pieces. Wooden frame also available for additional cost like pictured. please leave a comment at the checkout and i will send you link.

You can choose one main colours from drop down menu and I will create a shades of that colour.
This listing is for similar pieces in the same colour scheme and none of the pieces would be exactly the same.
Current lead time for promotional items – 14 weeks, contact me if you need it quicker.

Wood pieces can be hang side by side to fill out larger wall space:
15" x 60" – 2 x 15" x 30"
30" x 60" – 2 x 30" x 30"
19" x 60" – 2 x 19" x 30"
40" x 57" – 3 x 19" x 40"H
and so on…

Signature: signed and dated by the artist on the back)
I enjoy of designing them to suit any room with size and colours, contact me if you need my help.

Made to order – picture shows our sold pieces.

Payments in a installments also available.
All sculptures are shipped with tracking number.

You can find more art sculptures here

Have a look around my shop

Thank you!!


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