Rustic wood Wall Art, reclaimed wood decor 20" x 20" reclaimed wood wall sculpture,


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Wooden Art sculpture from recycled wood pieces. Each wood piece is sanded, hand painted to receive this rustic, old worn look. Natural holes after nails has been kept and are giving the sculpture industrial look. Sculpture is smooth to touch and wax is given to protect the colours.
Sculpture can be hang horizontally or vertically.

Size: 51 cm x 51 cm, 20" x 20" (on the pictures) or choose from different menu options
Depth – approx. 2"
Pieces can be hang side by side to create larger wood sculptures.
20"x 30" – apprx. 51 cm x 76 cm – 7 kg
20"x 40" – apprx. 51 cm x 101 cm – 9 kg
24"x 24" – apprx. 61 cm x 61 cm – 7 kg

Colours: white, walnut, light oak, driftwood, light blue, turquoise, beige

Frame: frame-less, supporting frame is added to the back of the sculpture to add nice depth to it and is made from, the same old worn our up-cycled wood.

Or we can design a piece with any colour and size that suit your interiors. Contact me for estimated designs, sizes and frame options.

Sculpture can be hang in 4 different direction. Wall fixings are included.
Signature: signed and dated by the artist on the front
Each piece is very unique and made to order sculpture are only similar. All colours are made by me and can not be purchased in other shops.
Art sculptures are send with registered post and tracking number.

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Thank you!!


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