Modern Headboard Wood Wall Art Sculpture, king headboard 30" x 70"


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Headboard or Wood Wall Art, 3D Wall sculpture is made from recycled wood pieces. Each wood piece is hand sanded, dyed or painted to receive this modern abstract look piece. Sculpture is smooth to touch and matt varnish is given to add this perfect protection to it.
All colours are mixed by me to give you bespoke piece in unique colours. You can choose to be either flat or 3D.

Size: 30" x 70" made of 2 x panels of 30" x 35" , 76 cm x 89 cm

**** IMPORTANT**** due to high demand – current lead time is 3.5 months,

2 x 30" x 35" panels are hang together to create one very large piece or they can be connected before hanging with prepared and supplied connection points.

Colours: walnut, antique pine, black, grey, rustic red, mustard, violet, beige, off-white Up to date with 2015 trends.

Made to Order.

We can design a piece with any colour and size that suit your interiors. Contact me for estimated designs and sizes.
All colours are mixed by me and can be mixed to match custom requirements.

Wooden art sculpture is constructed from individually hand painted wooden strips.
Special hanging system included. Please state which way would you like to be hang if is a large piece.
Signature: signed and dated by artist on the back, let me know if you like on the front.
Each piece is very unique.
Art sculptures are send with registered post, insurance and tracking number.


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