Mid-century Headboard Reclaimed Wood Furniture, custom sizes


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Wood Headboard is hand painted, dyed and varnished or waxed. Each piece is painted in unique acrylic or wood dye colours mixed by me, and not available in any shop, making the sculpture unique and one of a kind. Each wood piece is hand sanded, dyed or painted to receive this modern abstract look piece. Wood pieces can be hang side by side to fill out larger wall space. Sculpture is smooth to touch and matt varnish is given to add this perfect protection to it.
Because of its finish wood piece is perfect as headboard or wall hanging sculpture, Its easy to clean and smooth in touch.

Height: 61 cm , 24"
Width: 142 cm , 56"
Height: 61 cm , 24" or 30"
Width: 162 cm , 64"
Height: 76 cm , 30"
Width: 193 cm , 76"

its made of 2 pieces in size 61 cm x 71 cm , 24" x 28" that after hanging together create one large piece.
multiply sets to make it larger sculpture, you can receive discount if you order more than 4, please contact me for more details.
Headboard is aprx. 2 – 2,5" in depth

Frame-less. Supporting frame on the back of sculpture.
Colours on the picture: walnut, medium oak, light oak, mustard, red, royal blue, blue/grey, grey, light blue, coral. or choose custom colours
Signature: signed and dated on the back.
I enjoy of designing them to suit any room with size and colours.

Made to order – picture shows our sold pieces.

Sculpture is sanded then painted and varnished with water based matt acrylic varnish to protect the colours.
Im using acrylic paints and natural water based wood dyes suitable even for kids toys. Finish could be with water based eco-varnish or natural wax. Leave a message to seller at the checkout if you prefer wax other wise will be finished with eco – varnish.

Payments in a installments also available.
All sculptures are shipped with tracking number.

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